Another look at skin improvement!


Wu Mei Cosmetology

East meets West, skin improvement products with the combination of high level eastern and western ingredients based on proved TCM mechanisms in the field of skin improvement and anti-aging.
A different perspective on skin improvement!!!
After expertise for years in the field of skin problems, anti-aging and skin improvement the trio Sampermans Marco, Ottenhof Marit and Stevens Mireille headed out an entirely new direction.
The main reason for this was the insight that we can provide our skin with the best available ingredients, this does not necessarily mean our skin can transport or metabolize them.
Compare this with a flower that gets the best nurture, but is planted in poor soil…..this nurture won’t save it.
Our skin is undergoing internal as well as external stress on a daily basis. The adverse effect this has on microcirculation will lead to diminished transportation of nutrients in our skin.
Thus by turning this around and focussing on microcirculation, Wu Mei Cosmetology was a fact.
The skin is approached in a different way, Wu Mei does not treat the symptom but solves the underlying problem of failing microcirculation.
In other words, we first put our flower in good soil and then add the right nurture that it needs to bloom. 

Sampermans Marco

CEO – Chief Development

Marco went after his education as a physical therapist searching for a broader support for his patients and found this in the TCM and acupuncture.

At the moment he has more than 20 years of experience in acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy.

After his TCM studies he was admitted to the international Dermatology Diploma Course with the pioneer in the TCM dermatology Mazin Alkafadji in London, which he passed with distinction.

He broadened his knowledge further in the following years with several internships at the dermatology department at the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCM in Nanjing China.

Ottenhof Marit


After her education as a beautician there was still a great hunger for profoundness and knowledge. Therefor she has the ideal background with 25 years of expertise in the knowledge of skin and ingredients to complete the team of Wu Mei.


Stevens Mireille


After her education as a beautician she followed a three year course to educate beauticians herself.

After this she founded her Mosa Nostra beauty parlour.

With 30 years of expertise her passion for skin improvement and anti-aging has only grown further.